Bar Sport Franchise, Bromley, Kent


Remit, To supply Sports Bar Chain with a 50 Screen Multiple High Definition TV System, Projection system, public address system & High Definition CCTV system. As with all of the projects we have undertaken for this particular client it wasn’t only about designing the correct system it was about working very closely in partnership with the local authority & end Franchisee. Over the years we have designed many systems in this particular area, so are very well versed in what basics are required. Each Bar consists of multiple TV Screens where the same or different sporting events can be screened simultaneously, the projection systems we install are also a part of this to show football matches etc. on a screen that is as large as possible. The CCTV needs to pay particular attention on places that could be problematic i.e. tills, Entrances, Exits, Dance Floor. The Public address system includes DJ points, zonal sound control for multiple audio channels i.e. 80′s music upstairs current music downstairs.